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Athletic Solutions is dedicated to creating an environment of recognition and support for every athlete. With our simple-to-use, patent-pending process, you can set your club apart by offering each athlete their very own online store.

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High Performance Volleyball

High Performance


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Pohaku Volleyball Club


Kansas City, Kansas

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MAVS Volleyball Club


Kansas City

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Customize For Your Club

  • Differentiate your club by giving players a chance to sell and promote their own merchandise.
  • Provide a unique opportunity for family and friends to show their support by purchasing personalized merchandise, printed on-demand and shipped within 24-48 hours.
  • Create a channel to earn additional revenue for your club.

Club brand compliant

  • Feature your club’s unique logo and graphics and control what your athletes can sell.
  • You identify which athletes are on current rosters and are eligible for stores. Should you remove an athlete from your roster for any reason, our patent-pending Total Roster e-Merch Technology will automatically remove the athlete’s online store within 24 hours.
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